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Set the dark on fire…

Yesterday I spent a good part of my evening with my head well and firmly encased in a little black raincloud feeling like all of my creativity lately has been allocated to everything but the things I want to spend it on. The logical cure was to spend three hours in Barnes and Noble, letting myself be inspired by the food, photography, art and design sections. Two tea lattes, five minutes fretting in the bathroom close to tears, at least forty books I wanted to buy and finally a sense of relief when I remembered I’m not talentless later, I left the store. I won’t say I was feeling better at that point, but I had a fire under my ass and a graphic design book in my purse that was an inexpensive little way to help me move forward with my plans.

Here I am, then.

I had a blog through culinary school but I always felt limited by what I wanted to write about in it because cooking and food are not my only creative passions. I struggled with the idea that I needed a separate place to write about and post my art, and my photography [attempts] and my costumes and on and on. Every time I got to the thought of how damn many separate blogs that would be and when the frilly heck would I have time to update them all while spending my free time and creative energy on that art/food/photography/saving the world I was about ready for a full on panic attack. That, of course, led me to throw my hands in the air (not literally) and give up on all of them. Something about not seeing the forest for the trees prevented me from making friends with the idea of one blog to rule them all. It’s okay to talk about cupcakes and copic markers and Shadowcat in one post. I admire the people that can compartmentalize their life into ‘food blog’, ‘art blog’, ‘life blog’ and juggle them all, but I’m not of that ilk.

I love: deliciously moody music and disgustingly perky music too, Edwardian/Elizabethan anything, sparrows and owls and foxes and horses, rambling sentences (when I write them but not when most other people do, I’m a hypocrite like that), comic books, watercolors fading into white paper, unrelenting downpours of rain and it’s attendant thunder and lightning, peacock blue, the smell of wood burning, black treelines against twilight skies, cramped antique stores, birds on wires, the idea of spending an entire afternoon playing with makeup, my girlfriend, my dog, my white knit hat, Edward Gorey, perfectly sharpened kitchen knives, skinny jeans and tall boots, the scratch of a pencil on my sketchbook, making beautiful things, cupcakes, the herb garden I don’t grow yet but will, my little toaster oven, the housewares displays in stores like Anthropologie, snow, St-Germain, gardenia and/or jasmine based perfumes and lit candles.

Fair warning, I’ll be writing about any/all/none of those things at length and at random. That said, have a cupcake.

These are one of my personally developed recipes, Turkish Delight Cupcakes. If you, like me, think this is one pretty sexy little treat, please click here to visit my mixingbowl.com recipe box and follow the link in the sidebar to vote for it in the Valentine’s Day Sweets contest! Voting is once daily! THANK YOU!

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