Summer plans, pending some permission and a paycheck…

Pretty much anyone who knows me, knows that I’m addicted to and the Gawker sites –, and At best, it inspires me to go home and make art of my own on paper or in the kitchen; at worst, it puts a smile on my face and ideas into my imagination on the days when I can’t. Its pretty win-win and I find the same fascination and wonder exploring these blogs and images as some might find treasure-hunting at an antique shop. Kind of like how I could spend hours and hours looking at all the pretty things in craft stores and not buy a single thing, but still feel excited and inspired by it.

All of this is a roundabout way of coming to the point that I plan on purchasing a Holga toy camera. I’ve been kind of desperate to make something, anything, that doesn’t involve sitting down for five hours to draw or paint (because once I start drawing or painting, I am mentally and emotionally incapable of leaving it alone until it is finished and there are only so many hours in my day). So the Holga, with its photographs like half-remembered dreams will give me pretty much instant gratification. Or it will once I start getting the negatives back so I can run them through the nifty little negative scanner I plan to purchase. It will save me money making prints of everything (unless I want to, then it’s off to Costco…) and all my images are digitized. I’m curious about developing my own work, but the house doesn’t really have a sufficiently dark room to be a dark room.

Regardless, I think this will be a perfect distraction for me, and once I get some gardening done in the back yard (I swear on my santoku my herb garden WILL happen this year) it will be the ideal place to test out taking some pretty pictures.

Speaking of the garden… let’s talk about my other current obsession. Chickens. Maybe it won’t happen this summer (although I’d love if it could), but I have a great deal of ambition to build a chicken coop and run. We have more than enough space in the back yard, and my hopes for making it a place where I can go and let the dog run around while I putter with my green space and the chickens scrabble in their run and cluck at each other makes my heart happy. I want to name my hens precious things and collect their eggs every morning when I take Custer out for his morning constitutional. Having spent a large majority of my formative years either on a horse, grooming a horse or mucking a horse’s stall, “farm work” like hauling large, sloshing buckets of water to impatient animals doesn’t frighten me off in the least.

In the mean time, Amelia, Beatrix, Clementine, Hermione, Millicent, Phillipa and Tamsin will remain in my future (those will be the hens, for those of you who lost track during my rambling), but rest assured, my dream of being a Gentlewoman (Urban) Farmer aren’t going anywhere.

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